Donnie Duncan


Having seen first hand what toll poor health choices can take on a person, I am committed to helping you with the physical and mental aspects of training and life. I came to powerlifting and strength training later in life, so I understand the needs of the aging athlete, as well as the beginner athlete. At the age of 40 I looked up and realized that my current path would most likely lead to many health issues, and an early grave, so I renewed my passion for the gym by finding powerlifting. Now certified through ISSA in bodybuilding / powerbuilding, I am helping others to find their physical strength and passion as well. I hold state and national records in multiple powerlifting federations and am chasing down goals and totals 1 workout at a time. Let me help you do the same.

Jodie Duncan


Specialty: Powerlifting, strength training, weight loss, sports nutrition


Originally from West Texas, I grew up in a very health-centered family. We were active and very aware of our nutrition due to a family history of heart disease and cancer. I saw how many illnesses can be prevented when you are in control of your health and body. This led to me becoming involved in fitness and nutrition.


Certified through ISSA in Powerlifting I am able to specialize in my sport of choice and coach the correct form and progression many fear when starting the sport. I have been a competitive powerlifter since 2016 and hold multiple state and national records in 3 federations.

Chris Kearney


Specializing in strength and conditioning, sport-specific training, and weight loss.

I have a BS and MS in Kinesiology and am a certified personal trainer through A.C.E. and through the Cooper Institute. I am available to work with clients for online/virtual training.  I have 6 years of certification experience as a personal trainer, am a former college athlete, and a world-ranked powerlifter.  For online/virtual training, you can email me directly at, and we can discuss your specific goals, and how I can help you achieve them.

Jana Newcomer

Growing up in a family where unhealthy habits were the norm, I decided if I was going to avoid the family history of heart disease, diabetes, and cancer I needed to change the path I was on.  I started my fitness journey with Israeli Martial Arts- Krav Maga in 2008.   After having my children, I realized the value of balanced nutrition and functional fitness, the type of fitness that supports your everyday life.  Not everyone has goals of becoming a bodybuilder or powerlifter, their goal may simply be to enjoy life to its fullest and feel good while doing it.  Healthy looks different on everyone and no matter where you are in life you can always change your path.  I am a NASM Certified Personal Trainer, and my goal is to help you take the first step or guide you through your journey. I look forward to teaching and encouraging you each step of the way.   You can email me directly to set up training at

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